Midwest Summer Institute

June 18-19, 2018, Cedar Falls, IA
University of Northern Iowa

Advocating for Access: The Right to Inclusion, the Right to Communication

The Midwest Summer Institute: Inclusion & Communication for All is in its 5th year. Presented in partnership with Syracuse University’s Institute on Communication and InclusionInclusion Connection & the University of Northern Iowa, the conference focuses on best practices that lead to inclusion in environments from education to employment and beyond. The conference also has a communication track gathering nationally-renowned Master Trainers versed in the practice of supported movement and alternative communication methods for persons with disabilities.

Beyond our exhilarating Keynote Speaker, Cheryl Jorgensen, and the eye-opening panel of individuals who type to communicate, we have a great line-up of breakout session presenters. You will find educators sharing success stories and learning journeys for school inclusion, specialists in individualized employment and highlights of technology that empowers individuals of varying ability levels. To find out more about the communication track that includes, pre-assessment, one-on-one consultations and a workshop-format, please contact Jean Trainor at: jeantrainor31@gmail.com.

Keynote Speaker

woman in scarf smilingCheryl M. Jorgensen

From 1985 until the spring of 2011, I was a faculty-researcher at the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability focusing on inclusive education for students with autism, intellectual, and other developmental disabilities. I'm now in semi-retirement and able to focus on the work about which I am most passionate. That includes student-specific consultation, team professional development, school-wide systems change, policy advocacy, and writing. I particularly like working with students with Down syndrome and their educational teams.




Conference Details

  • $250 for both days (plus $50 discount if you register by May 1)

  • $150/person group rate

  • Scholarships and group discount are available

  • Many tracks focused on inclusion and communication

  • Perfect for self advocates, teachers, principals, para-educators, therapists, family members, students, faculty and staff

  • Children and adults with disabilities are welcome